Aims of the Center

1-    Developing and applying human knowledge in the field of children and adolescents health science.  

2-    Conducting fundamental, applied and clinical researches in order to reform the health care system of the  province in order to meet the needs of Islamic society.

3-     Monitoring infant and child diseases at the provincial level and providing recommendations at national level.

4-    Providing advanced technology methods in diagnosis of infants and children diseases and their application in applied research.

5-    Collecting, arranging and classifying documents, articles and related evidences of health  for the target groups population and publishing them.

6-    Persuasion, encouragement and employing researchers.

7-    Performing research projects related to the topic of the center and increasing the number of projects and orienting the research in line with order of priority.

8-    Scientific cooperation with other countries’ health research and educational centers in compliance with the laws and regulations of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

9-    Planning and conducting seminars at regional, national and international level for the participation and collaboration of specialists and applying the results of applied research in education and care with an emphasis on community-based,  evidence-based  on nursing and native care patterns.

10-  Establishment and support for between and inter-departmental research.

11- Providing consulting services on proposal design and data analysis.

12-  Holding workshops and training courses to empower health researchers.


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