Research priorities

Priorities of Children and Adolescents Health Research Center in 1398

 Research axes of the center:

1- Studying the growth and development of children with emphasis on malnutrition

 2- Investigation of infectious diseases, gastrointestinal, blood, glands, neurology and infants, children's heart and the relationship between these diseases

 3- Assessing the social and psychological health of children and adolescents The research axes and prioritization by the center will be realized with the help of studies and researches such as the following studies.

Priority Areas:

Infectious Diseases - Non-Communicable Diseases - Health System Research - Pharmaceutical Sciences - Medical Technology and Equipment - Basic Sciences - Health and Nutrition Sciences - Dentistry - Mental Health - Accidents - Aging

1. Evaluation of the prevalence and clinical course of congenital heart diseases in children

 2. Paraclinical diagnostic value in pediatric cardiac involvement

3. Genetics and congenital heart disease in children

4. Investigation of social factors affecting children's heart diseases

5. Aortic stiffness in chronic diseases of children (obesity - celiac disease - thalassemia - cardiomyopathy)

 6. Evaluation of liver pathogenic causes in children

7. Celiac disease and its relationship with other organs

8. Investigation of malabsorption and related factors in children

 9. Developmental disorders in children

10. Diabetes and involvement of other organs in the body in children

11. The effect of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on PDA closure in term and preterm infants

12. Urinary stones in children (study of metabolites and genetic predisposing factors)

13. Urinary tract infections (environmental and genetic predisposing factors to early detection)

14. Acute and chronic renal failure (factors predisposing to the development of renal failure and the effects of inflammatory factors

15. Epidemiological study of upper and lower respiratory tract in children 16. Investigation of the causes of acute diarrhea in children

 17. Study of Kawasaki diseases in children

 18. Evaluation of kidney injuries in infants and diagnosis and evaluation of neonatal hydronephrosis

19. Anemias (iron deficiency - thalassemia minor - folate deficiency and B12

 20. Coagulation disorders and genetic factors in children

21. Social, economic and demographic inequality in the health of children and adolescents

22. Demyelinating diseases of the nervous system of children

 23. Stroke and cerebral palsy in children

 24. Convulsions and their complications in children

25. Thalassemia major and evaluation of the effects of iron, cardiac, hormonal and pharmacological accumulation in the pediatric population

 26. Investigation of social harms and their causes in children and adolescents  

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